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Sunday, July 15, 2012

NASCAR – LENOX Industrial Tools 301

We headed to the NASCAR LENOX 301 in New Hampshire on the final day of our vacation.  Everyone met at 9:30AM so we could drive to the track together.  We left at 9:45AM and hit a good amount of traffic the last 9 miles.  It was going to be hot so we froze the water and Gatorade to carry in our coolers along with food.

We parked in the South Lot for an easier exit.  My plan was to cut out with 20 laps to go so we could try to avoid the traffic.  We walked from there and stopped by some of the trailers outside the gate.  We thought Tyler was going to do pull-ups at the Army Trailer to win stuff.  I looked but no Arm Wrestling station for Elmo … we could have won some money if they had that. 

We went through the gates and headed for our seats in turn 4.  We passed the merchandise trailers selling car and driver stuff.  All the NASCAR shirts, hats, jackets, sweatshirts, sun glasses, etc. from your favorite teams or drivers.

NHMS is a one mile track so an occasional accident or yellow flag resets the field.  There were no accidents but several cautions.

We did bring ear plugs.  The drivers were off the gas in the corner but it was still loud.  We did see several people with small children sitting near us with no ear plugs.  They looked uncomfortable so we gave them a couple pairs.  We also saw one new born near us with no ear protection.  What are parents thinking when they do that!!!

I walked to turn 3 playing with my camera and taking pictures as I walked.  Cars were coming into the corner doing well over 100 mph when I saw these 3 cars coming and thought COLORS … I aimed and fired thinking I got the picture I wanted until I realized my settings were wrong.  The fence is in focus, the cars are not!!  How many people go to a race to take nice pictures of the fence?  Not quite what I had in mind but it is interesting.

I also headed to the top of the stands on the straight to take a couple pictures. 

It is fun to people watch.  This guy had an interesting hat …

FYI, #5 Kasey Kahne in the Chevrolet won the Lenox 301.  Several weeks prior #5 Eric Wood won the 89th Annual Loudon Classis motorcycle race.  Must be the lucky number for the track this year …

We did head for my truck with 20 laps remaining to try to avoid some of the traffic.  It was still heavy until we passed the Concord toll.  Elmo stayed to the end of the race. He said it was hard getting out of the parking lot and traffic on the road was real bad for him.  They didn’t get back CT until 11:00PM. 

We all enjoyed ourselves.  I told Pam the SYLVANIA 300 is in September and asked if she was interested in going.  I got the blank stare … glassy eyes … and the “Like Watching Paint Dry” reaction.  She went once for the experience but it may not be her thing …



Rockport, MA

Rockport, MA
Rockport, MA