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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Kennebunkport, ME Vacation - 2014

We headed to Kennebunkport for our family vacation renting the same house as last year.  We were ½ mile from the beach, a 5 minute walk to town, and had water access in the backyard to launch the kayaks and the canoe. 
My plan throughout the week was to get up early (as I usually do) to take pictures.  I like a good sunrise.
The first morning, up at 5:10AM and out the door soon after.  I would need to get up earlier depending on how far I wanted to go for pictures and to see the sun come up.  I looped around Ocean Ave. ending up at Cape Porpoise.  I visited Cape Porpoise several times throughout the week being such a nice place to take pictures.
The next morning I wanted to get to Ogunquit before sunrise so I was up and out the door at 4:10AM.  Doesn’t everyone get up that early on vacation?  I drove 5 miles before I saw another car or truck on the road.  Not a lot of vehicle activity at that time with the exception of a few delivery trucks.
I took some pictures at Perkins Cove and watched the sun come up.  I headed for Ogunquit beach.  There were a couple people fly fishing taking advantage of the tide coming in.  There were a few people walking the beach as well.  I didn’t walk on The Marginal Way.  I thought I would come back with Pam and do that.  Unfortunately we didn’t do that this year. 
I woke up between 5:00AM and 5:30 AM the rest of the week depending on where I was going to take pictures.
I frequented Cape Porpoise, Drakes Island, Wells Harbor, Ogunquit, and Perking Cove for the most part.  The Bush clan was in town.  I didn’t spot anyone I recognized although I did see and hear their boat.  I recognize the drone of 3 300 hp motors getting a workout.  That would be a fun experience …

The house we rented has a nice rock wall so Kevin brought his rock crawler.  He also took it to the rocks by the ocean.  That was challenging.  I took his rock crawler to the ocean rocks and had fun with it until I broke something ending that adventure.  The crawler was unfixable so done for the week.  Kevin is much better at rock crawling than me. 
We took several kayaks up and down the river throughout the week.  The river current comes in and out with the tide.  Grandma took a kayak and found it pretty easy to paddle with the current.  It was more challenging on the return trip against the current so Kate ended up towing her back to the house.  She had a great time and wished she went out more during the week.
I made several calls trying to charter a deep sea fishing boat.   I should have called weeks earlier as the places I tried were booked for the week.  I talked to a crew member on one of the charter boats when I was taking pictures.  He suggested a booking a 6 hour trip (1 hour out, 4 hours of fishing, 1 hour back) to get a bit further out giving more diversity in what we might catch.  Some of his charters are booked in February.  As I was talking he was getting ready for a 12 hour charter … I think I’d have to make sure I had my sea legs before attempting a 12 hour trip. 
As with tradition each morning we would have special time with a different child.  Kevin and Kate wanted me to take them to the Maine Diner in Wells for breakfast.  The Maine Diner is great so that’s easy for me.  Went to Cabela’s with Megan and then to Portland.  We walked around the Old Port area by the water and ended up eating lunch at “Buck’s Naked BBQ and Steakhouse”.  We had very good BBQ. 
Anthony joined me several times for my picture adventures.  We ate at the All Day Breakfast and went to Drakes Island to explore and take pictures.  I took a few more pictures at Wells Harbor too.
Scott and I took the kids to Funtown Splashtown in Saco.  We had a great time going on all the rides.  As it got close to closing time the crowds disappeared.  The 9 of us ended up on the bumper cars … it pretty much turned in to grown up bumper cars … fun … fun …
The weather was very nice throughout the week.  While at Cape Porpoise we had severe thunderstorms rolled through.  The late afternoon sky turned very dark and the wind really picked up. 
We also had fog roll in a couple times.  We were at the beach in one instance when the fog came rolling in off the ocean.  It was hard to see more than about 50 yards.  It rolled in so quickly I’m glad I wasn’t in a boat with no GPS when that happened.
We went to the beach several times during the week.  Megan loves bulldogs and spotted this guy wanting to play ball.  I also saw snail art in several places when the tide was out. 

While exploring I spotted a beautiful garden by the ocean with lots of flowers, bushes, trees, and bird houses.  It was oceanfront property with no house.  On the fence was this sign saying "It all began in a garden".  The gate had a private keep out sign so I didn't enter.  I wanted to ask for permission to enter and take pictures but no one walking by knew who owned the property.  I ended up taking these bird house pictures from the street.

We had our tradition of Friday night pizza on the beach to end our week.  It was a fun week with great weather and look forward to next year.

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