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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Vermonster 4x4 - Bradford Mud Races - September 2011

Kevin and I were on our way to Vermonster by 8:45AM.  We arrived a couple hours later and headed for the gate.  Once inside we looked at some of the show trucks.  There were food, clothing, and equipment vendor tents set up. 

We headed for the stands to get a seat so I could take some pictures.  The monster trucks started the event and would have a drag race and monster truck competition later in the day.

The drag races, trench, and rock crawling started.  Some of the trucks were real loud.  You could feel the power in some of them.  A couple of the mud trucks had 1000 hp. 

Some of the drag races were very fast.  Kate loves Mustang's so she would have liked to see this car.  It looked cool but wasn't as fast as the other trucks,

We liked watching the extreme truck races.

The drivers took 2 laps around a course that had 2 jumps, mud, a 360 around a large monster tire, down the back straight which had 2 small jumps and a washboard, looping around to the front straight again.  The second jump on the front straight was a truck stopper.

The trench for the mud runs was deeper that it was in May.  The last part had a deep hole which had to be 5 to 6 feet deep.  It got deeper as some of the trucks that made it in the hole kept their tires going making it deeper.  We only saw one truck do a complete run.  A couple of the tricks have very large tires and were light enough so when the kept their tires spinning just a little bit it made the truck float to the top of the mud.

Some of the rock crawling vehicles did real well.  One of the drag truck lost control in the ruts went off the track and almost cracked up.
The monster trucks jumped the cars and the school bus ramp.  3 of the 4 monster truck broke something during their runs.  When you toss a 12,000 pound truck around like these guys do something is bound to break.  We left around 6:30PM as Vermonster started to wind down for the day.  Kevin wanted to go back the following day but I didn't get a 2 day pass.
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Monday, September 5, 2011

Skydiving - Pepperell, MA - 2011

Because of busy schedules, I didn't spend as much time taking skydiving pictures as I would have liked to.  It is fun experimenting with my camera.    Megan did a jump this year when Matt was on leave.  I have a previous post with their adventure. 

I enjoy taking canopy flight shots and landings and tend to look for colorful parachutes. 

I did stop by Pepperell's 18th Annual Boogie.  It was packed with lots of formation jumps.

The "Air Adventures Parachute Team" did a Y formation then broke off into a downplane.  That was real sharp.  They have performed at the Portsmouth Air Show in the past.  Maybe we will see them next year.

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