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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New England Patriots Players

We met some New England Patriots players last weekend. 

This is Kate with Danny Woodhead (currently a running back on the NE Patriots).  He is a fan favorite rushing for 5.6 yards/carry in 2010. 

I looked up his pre draft 2008 stats, he ran the 40-yard dash in times of 4.33 to 4.38 seconds which would have been the second-fastest among all running backs at the NFL Combine in March 2008. He posted the best pro-agility time of 4.03 seconds, the second-best vertical jump 38½ inches and the best 60-yard shuttle time 11.2 seconds. 

I am confident I could post similar times in the woods of New Hampshire if I was running down hill, had a tail wind, and a bear was chasing me. 

David Thomas (former NE Patriots, currently New Orleans Saints) is a tight end.  He earned a super bowl ring with the Saints in 2009.  I took a picture of David in the Patriots/Dolphins game in my September 08 blog post. 

Don Davis was a linebacker and Special Teams monster.  He earned 2 super bowl rings with the New England Patriots.

I saw Ben Watson but Kate and Kevin weren’t around so I didn't take a picture.  He earned a super bowl ring with the New England Patriots.  And … Yes I remember Ben's HUGE hit on Champ Bailey in the Denver game.  It was the best ... Always Give 110% ... Never Give Up ...