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Monday, July 16, 2012

Kennebunkport, ME Vacation - 2012

We were off to Kennebunkport, ME for a week of vacation.    It’s a family tradition.

The house we rented last year worked out well so we rented the same one again.  There is lots of space, large rooms, private (on 3.2 acres), quiet, half mile from the ocean, backs up to a golf course, etc. 

I have a “Type A Personality” when we go on vacation and “I NEED TO DO STUFF”.  The others are much more content and happy going to the beach a lot, resting, etc.  I can do the beach a few times but I like to explore and lucky for me, Pam gives me the opportunity to do that.  Whew …

We loaded up Saturday morning and headed out.  Once settled in the house we relaxed.  The weather for the week turned out to be perfect.  Sunny and in the high 80’s most days, low humidity, and low 50’s at night. 

My first little adventure started Sunday morning.  I missed church as I was on the road early heading north to check out the Barnyard Firecracker 4x4.   It was fun.  I saw a nice barn on the drive and had to stop for a picture.  Kevin and Kate said they want to go next year.  The others went to church in the morning then headed to the beach. 

Being an early riser (even on vacation) I was up between 4:00AM and 5:30AM each morning.  One morning I headed out at 4:30AM to see the sun rise.  I ended up at Cape Porpoise and took a few sunrise pictures.  I had another sunrise experience at Perkins Cove too.

We walked down the beach to the jetty and the cove at Gooch’s beach several times.  We walked through the shops in town and found a new homemade ice cream place.  We played on the rocks at spouting rock.  I saw this person painting the “Dark Shadows” house.  It recently had new shingle siding installed and a garage addition.

Kevin brought 2 of his RC cars (e-revo and rock crawler).  The house has a long driveway and rock ledge in front so he had fun with his cars.  He also tested his skills on the rocks near spouting rock which was challenging. 

We went to Ogunquit and walked Marginal Way.  One day the kids had fun at Ogunquit beach riding their boogie boards up the channel in the strong current as the tide came in. 

I used my GPS to drive the back roads during the week and went to Perkins Cove, Moody Beach, Wells Beach, Drakes Island, Parsons Beach, Kennebunk Beach, Kennebunkport, Cape Porpoise, Goose Rocks Beach, East Point in Biddeford, continuing to Old Orchard Beach, etc.

Throughout the week I saw seals sunning themselves on the rocks, heron, other birds, and lots of pretty skies.  I saw fishing boats, sail boats, lobster traps, pretty beaches, neat houses, a couple barns, and nice winding back roads. 

One of our traditions is to have pizza on the beach for dinner on Friday.  It’s our last beach experience before we head home the next morning.  We had everything set up and ordered our pizza to be delivered.  We had teams playing “ladder toss” when former First Lady, Barbara Bush, stopped and watched as we played.  I talked with her briefly.  She seemed well and said her husband was doing well also.  I told her I had seen her earlier in the week driving the Bush #41 golf cart around Walker’s Point with a sign that reads "Property of #41 Hands off!” 

We packed up Saturday morning and headed home.  Before we left we reserved the house again for a week next year even though it’s for sale (for $2 million).  We were making the assumption or hoping no one will decide to empty their piggy bank and buy the place.  Once home we unpacked only to get ready for the NASCAR LENOX Industrial 301 race.

My vacation started with 4x4’s and mud … beach, sun and driving … ending with NASCAR speed … Great family vacation.

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