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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Annual Christmas Tree Hunt & Kill - Family Tradition

2012 - Dec. 3.  In keeping with tradition (13th year) we headed out with Doug, Linda and their family for our Christmas tree hunt & kill.  It snowed the day before and the air warmed up so it was foggy.  Kevin was with us but our 3 girls were at school or working.  We were disappointed they weren't with us SO I improvised a bit for the family photo.  Thank you Andrew, Daniel, and Jonathan for standing in for them.  I bet my girls make it a point to show up next year.

2011 – Dec. 12.  Our annual Christmas tree hunt & kill with Doug, Linda and their family was a bust because of school schedules.  In a pinch we bought a nice tree in the parking lot of Dairy Queen. Yes, we bought a "DQ" tree. I couldn't see myself buying a tree and finishing it off with a soft serve cone, Brazier Burger, etc. Not the same as cider and Dunkin Donuts after cutting our own tree.  We didn't decorate the tree until all the kids arrived home for break.  We had no picture of the event so I altered our 2009 picture ... and laughed.  It turned out to be an excellent tree ... BUT ... let's get back to tradition.

2010 - Dec. 12 was our 11th annual Christmas tree hunt & kill with Doug, Linda and their family.

This year was a cold and very rainy day.  We all got pretty wet in the process of cutting down our tree.  As usual, the 13 of us invaded the Dunkin Donuts for hot chocolate, coffee, and to warm up.

2009 - (10th year) It was very cold and windy this year. We go to a big farm in Groton with 5 or 6 fields full of trees. There are large power lines cutting through one of the fields. Kevin and I go 4 wheeling on the power line roads coming from Canada in upstate Vermont. These are the same power lines coming from Canada. Pam refuses to cut a tree by the power lines. She says it doesn't have the "festive ambiance". I tell her if she faces the woods when cutting the tree she won't see the power lines and NO ONE WILL KNOW ...

Here are our 2000 through 2008 tree hunt & kill pics. I scanned the 2000 - 2006 pictures as they were not digital and I can't find the negatives.