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Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Foliage Run - 2022

For several years, I have tried to make a quick trip when the foliage is changing.  Pam and I had planned to go to the Mt Washington area.  Plans changed a bit so we will have to do that another year.

I did take a few pictures when riding my Rokon in the woods.

We had our fall family gathering in CT which is always fun.  The foliage was good but not yet peaked that far south.

When I passed one field and noticed the farmer had a whole row of old farm equipment at the crest of the field.  Behind the field, the foliage was lit up from the morning sun.  I thought that was interesting, so I turned around and took a couple pictures out the window of my Jeep.

When I stopped at Beaver Brook, I noticed they now have this wheelchair-accessible path that makes a loop through the woods and across a field back to the starting point.  Kudos to Beaver Brook.

One morning I went to Monson Village to see the sunrise.  The foliage was not peaking yet but there was some good color.  I noticed a tennis ball off the trail.  It is a wonderful place to walk a dog, so I figured it was accidentally left behind.  I came upon several chestnut trees (I had to look that up).  Edible chestnuts have a spiny husk encasing the nuts and pointed tassels on the tip.  Before the husk opens, the spiny husk encasing the nuts is around the same size as the tennis ball I spotted.  And yes, OUCH, if you touch them.

I am always on the lookout for a nice barn, or horse!

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