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Saturday, June 22, 2013

90th Annual Loudon Classic – Bike Week 2013

Kevin, Anthony, and I headed to watch the motorcycle races at NHMS.  We arrived at 9:30AM, bought   infield passed, and parked my truck against the fence near one of the turns.  We were prepared for the day-long event and a tailgate with a Weber grill, chairs, cooler with sodas, water, Gatorade, hamburgers, bratwurst, snacks, sun screen, umbrellas in case of rain, my camera, etc.  The forecast was a mix of clouds and sun with rain by late afternoon. 

We headed for the garage area to look at the motorcycles.  The riders and crews were friendly and didn’t mind me taking pictures.  I recognized some of the bikes I took pictures of last year.  I showed some of the riders and they seemed to like them.

I saw this 1988 Harley in the garage area and talked to the rider, Scott.  This was their backup bike.  I laughed when I saw an AARP decal on the rear fender. 

He said he was 60 years old and had been racing for a long time.  I wouldn’t think there are many 60 year olds out there racing motorcycles.  I was at one of the corners and spotted him. 

We watched practice laps in the morning.  The races would start in the afternoon.  There are many motorcycle classes; Formula 40 and 40 Lights, Unlimited Heavyweight Superbikes, Side Cars, Heavyweight and Lightweight Supersports, Lightweight Sportsman, Thunderbikes, Supertwins, etc.

We also saw a “Moat Mountain Road Course Series” 12 lap race.  I talked to one of the guys and was told these cars do around 105mph give or take on the straight.  I started taking pictures from various locations.  While I watched them race at turn one there was an accident at the other end where I parked my truck.  Kevin and Anthony went back to the truck and were sitting in their chairs in the back of the truck against the fence where the accident happened.  I WAS IN THE WRONG PLACE so no pictures.  I moved from turn one to turn two once the race restarted.  A few laps later there was another accident on the straight just before turn one.  I WAS IN THE WRONG PLACE so no picture.   

We watched vintage and new side car races.  They looked like lots of fun.  When I saw these bikes in the pit areas some didn’t have their engines covered.  I thought they were working on them and the cover was off.  Nope.  I can’t imagine a driver leaning over the top of the engine with nothing to protect them except the center frame bar and their racing suit.  That must get hot !!!

Several times during the day we heard bikes outside the infield doing burnouts.  As I walked from the infield to another corner I saw the smoke.  It turns out there was an area where riders were doing burn outs and tricks.  Handstands, standing up, wheelies, steering with feet, burn outs with hard front wheel breaking, drifting, etc.  I was impressed but not familiar with "motorcycle stunt riding".  Is it a sport or a street show?  For those that are familiar, there are probably names for the stunts I saw. 

I returned to the truck and fired up the grill for lunch.  

After we ate I headed back to different parts of the track to watch the races and take more pictures.  I was at turn two for 30 minutes or so and moved to another corner.  When I arrived, no motorcycles! The race was stopped due to a 5 bike accident on turn two.  I just left turn two!!!!!  I WAS IN THE WRONG PLACE so no pictures.  I guess you can’t be everywhere at once …

With a couple accidents slowing the schedule they announced the races would be cut to 6 laps each to try to get as many races in before the projected rain.  It started to drizzle a bit during Race 8.  The tires on these bikes have very little if any tread so any significant rain will cause delays or race cancellations.  By the end of race 10 it had picked up. 

It was long day so we decided to head home.  It rained pretty hard on the ride home.  We had a great time and enjoyed watching the races.  See you next year …

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Loudon Classic “In the Infield”

I have enjoyed going to Loudon Classic Motorcycle week to watch and take pictures at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.  I usually arrive before the races start to figure out where I may want to take pictures. 

I also make it a point to check out some of the motorcycles in the infield before they head for the track.

I have put a few of my infield pictures on previous blog posts for that event but thought I would make a blog post specifically with the motorcycles in the infield from the years I attended.  These pictures are from the Loudon Classic on June 16, 2018 and from the races.  Click on the pictures to enlarge. 

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