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Monday, May 15, 2023

Quick Trip to Arizona

We decided to take a trip to Arizona and take my mom to visit relatives.  We landed in Phoenix on Sunday afternoon.  I rented a car and we proceeded to drive to my Aunt’s place.  My mom would stay with my aunt while Pam and I stayed in a hotel. 

We visited for several hours and got my mom settled.  I headed to the old neighborhood to check that out before going to the hotel.

Things in my old stomping ground have changed over the years.  It was fun driving by my high school too.  We did more visiting with both aunts on Monday and took a drive to Cave Creek.
Tuesday morning, we headed North.  Our first stop was Jerome.  They have a great museum.  It's a fun town full of mining history and some great views on the mountain. 

After that, we headed for Sedona.  More nice views going up the mountain to the Sedona airport.  We did some hiking and drove some of the scenic loops in the area. 

Late afternoon we headed up Oak Creek Canyon toward Flagstaff.  We had hotel reservations there for 2 days. 

From Flagstaff, drove a loop passing Indian ruins.  We saw miles and miles of trees burnt from forest fires.

We stopped at Sunset Crater.  These first few pictures are from back in the day when the public was allowed to hike to the top of the crater. Also a dad picture ( he passed away in 2023 at 93 years). That is my sister and me on our way to the top.  

They no longer allow people to hike to the top of the crater.  They also have concrete walking paths that make it easy to get around.

The Grand Canyon is always fun to visit.  Pictures never do it justice.

Thursday morning, we headed west to the Petrified Forrest/Painted Desert.  We really enjoyed our time there.  Some more hiking in that area.

Late afternoon we headed back to Phoenix.   We stayed 2 nights in Scottsdale.  Pam really liked that hotel.  I had a great time connecting with Keven H for breakfast.

Late Saturday we stayed in a hotel near the airport as we had an early flight Sunday.  The flight home was quick.  We had a blast.

There is so much I miss about Arizona!

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