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Saturday, March 19, 2011

You Talkin to me?? Ogunquite, ME

We headed to Ogunquit, ME to walk the Marginal Way.  We parked at Perkins Cove and walked toward Ogunquit beach.  It was sunny, in the 60's, with a wind advisory  It turned out the wind wasn't too bad as the shoreline blocked much of the wind.  There are plenty of benches to sit on and relax, read, enjoy the rocks, waves, etc. 

As we were walking some kind of a weasel ran across the path in front of us going from the brush to the rocks.  I did an internet search and found it was a short-tailed weasel called an Ermine.  It was white with a short tail that had a black tip.  (In the summer it turns brown)  I thought it was real neat looking but it scared Pam.  Was my camera ready … NO … it disappeared in the rocks and I wasn’t able to see it again.   

We continued our walk.  I saw a seagull close to a bench.  It looked pretty content so I though I would take it's picture.  Not a big deal right ... I mean, how many people have taken pictures of a seagull?

Just as I was ready to take a picture the bird mouthed off to me.  What was this disrespectful bird trying to say?
You talkin to me ...
Not another picture ...
Yawn ...
Cheese ...
You want a piece of me ...

I took a second picture once it stopped mouthing off.  I figured it must have been a teenager ...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Damaged Goods ... That Loud Hissing Sound

Outdoor Blogger Network (OBN) was prompting us to write something about “Damaged Goods”.  How we broke our own stuff.  What to choose?  My multi tool being knocked off the dock while fishing in Canada … backing into a tree with the tailgate down … snapping the tip of my fishing pole off in a car door … stuff like that. 

Years ago I had been hunting in Vermont with my hunting buddies.  Early on a Sunday morning I drove my Toyota Landcruiser (FJ60) a half mile down a logging trail and backed into a place just big enough for me to park.  When we got out I heard something I didn’t want to hear.  I heard that loud hissing sound of air escaping from my left rear tire.  I slit a sidewall on the rocks on the trail.  Damaged Goods    It wasn’t light yet and the guys said we would hunt until late morning and worry about it then.  Sure … Right … My Thought Too … NOT …
Late morning we arrived back at my truck.  How about “AAA+” I said … I was laughed at since we were in the middle of the woods of Vermont a half mile from any real road. 

I didn’t have a 4-way with me so I had to use the tire iron that came with the truck.  We had a hard time securing the jack in the mud so we put rocks under the jack to get the truck off the ground. 

The lugs were very tight.   When I tried to losten the first one I couldn't keep the tire iron straight so I ended up shearing off a lug nut.  I skipped one and sheared off a second lug nut.  Not good.  (now I use Anti-Seize and carry a 4-way when I go off road)  One of the other guys drove off and came back with a 4-way.  With the 4-way we were able to get the others off.  I sheared off 2 of 6 lugs but at least they weren’t together.  The spare tire was under the truck.  It hadn’t been raised or lowered by me in years so the crank was frozen with rust.  We couldn’t break the spare free and lower it down.  
We had no choice but to take my tire and head 30 miles south to the nearest town that would have a garage open on Sunday afternoon.  When we arrived I wanted to buy a used Goodyear Wrangler tire to match my others but no luck.  I settled on a used Firestone for $40.  He told me he had used tires coming in the next day and may have some used Goodyear’s then. 
The next day I packed up and headed for home.  I stopped at the garage on my way by.  I noticed they did receive a big pile of used tires that morning.  The man looked through the tires and ended up finding a Goodyear Wrangler that looked like it was in pretty good shape.  $50 … I told him I’d take it.  He took the Firestone off and put the Goodyear on, replaced the valve, then pumped it up.  In a matter of seconds I heard that loud hissing sound again.  It was coming from the sidewall … IT WAS MY OLD TIRE ... The guy tried to sell my old tire back to me … DAMAGED GOODS  … Needless to say I had him put the Firestone back on and I continued home. 
Due to family expansion … several months later I had to sell my Landcruiser and buy a mini van (man card please).  With no truck I felt like Damaged Goods …

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Shooting with Matt

A several years ago Mr Pete and Matt invited me skeet shooting at the local gun club.  Pete and I brought our 12 gauge's and Matt had a 20 gauge.  Matt had never been skeet shooting before. 

I was on a rifle team in school and consider myself a pretty good shot with a rifle and pistol.  I don't have much experience with skeet shooting.  That being said, Pete and I really coached Matt.  We gave him our words of wisdom on what to do and not do, how to stand, etc.

Pete and I ended up being pretty consistent hitting 16 - 18 out of 25 clays (5 shots at 5 different stations).  We said "See how it's done Matthew?" 

As Matt proceeded to shoot his 20 gauge, Pete and I sat behind him on the picnic table watching ... he moved through the stations and hit 23 of 25 his first time out.  Pete grumbled ... I did too ... nothing to throw at him ... not close enough to bump him.  We may have tried to make a loud noise each time Matt would shoot.  I don't remember but that was probably Pete's idea.  Anyway, Matt was consistent with scores of 23 to 25 of 25.  We both decided Matt's success was due to our stellar instruction and training.  Kudos to both of us.

Last year Matt joined the US Marine Corps.  He was thinking about becoming an MP.  While in basic training he was recognized for his shooting ability.  Ultimately he was selected and put on a special team.  Matt has had much more training (not by Pete and Me) in the Marines.

Matt came home last week before being deployed.  Pete, Matt, and Amanda decided to go the an indoor range to shoot pistols.  I was working and couldn't get away.

Friendly competition ensued.  Pete shot ... Amanda shot ... Matt shot ... Pete frustrated ... Pete shot some more ... Matt shot ... Pete frustrated ...Pete shot some more ... Matt proceeded to shoot several bulls eyes ... Pete frustrated ... Pete shot some more ... Matt proceeded to shoot the staples that were holding Pete's target on the cardboard backing ... Pete's target falls to the ground.  PETE REALLY FRUSTRATED ... Matt and Amanda LAUGHING at Pete ... POOR PETE ...

I wasn't there but wish I could have seen that. 

How do you trash talk someone who shoots like that?   I challenged Matt to a competition when he comes back from Afghanistan.   I told him I wouldn't be nice and let him win like his old man did ... Hmm ... that wasn't effective trash talk as he laughed at me. 

At this point, I need to develop a strategy to avoid being crushed by Matt in competition like Mr. Pete was.  I am open for suggestions!!

So far:
I may feel sick that day.
My pistol is with the gunsmith.
I broke my index finger so I can't pull a trigger.
Pete and I may be training others that day.
My contacts went bad and I broke my glasses.
The shooting range has run out of staples.

Pray for our Troops ... Pray for Matt.  His team deployed to Afghanistan on March 14, 2011.