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Saturday, September 29, 2012

VERMONSTER 4X4 - Bradford Mud Races - September 2012

Kevin and I headed for VERMONSTER at 8:00AM with a quick stop at Dunkin Donuts.  We arrived around 10:00AM.  The traffic was backed up from the exit to the parking lot but it kept moving.  We bought our tickets and headed toward the bleachers.  They had more seating this year which was nice.  Kevin opted out of pit passes so we found a spot to sit.  Nice thing is no alcohol and no smoking in the stands.  Very family friendly.

There were 5 monster trucks and “Trucks Gone Wild” doing video at the event.  It started with the Monster trucks crushing cars and getting some air.  They saved the big jump and more monster truck action for the end. 

The Trench was a different this year.  The big concrete barriers were replaced by steel posts and a cable which made it easier to see the trucks.  The first part of the trench was shallow giving the class 2 trucks and some of the smaller engine trucks more mud and distance to play in.  There were some big holes which got deeper throughout the day as the trucks tried to complete the run. 

Tuff Truck competition had many junk yard specials.  Any vehicle can be entered but you should have 4 wheel drive to make it competitive.  They had a down and back course with 2 sections of tires you had to drive over, one jump you went over each direction, mud, and a turn-around at the far end.  The jump this year seemed almost perfect as the trucks got BIG air … bent frames on the landing, trucks popping out of gear, parts flying including a drive shaft, a couple of nose plants, and 2 rollovers (yellow truck).  It was fun … the crowd was really in to it.

Rock crawling looked to be a challenge.  Many trucks got stuck and needed a little help from the excavator. 

Mud racing was more fun to watch this time.  The new stands were higher so sitting in the top row gave us a better view.  Some of the drag trucks were scary fast.  When they race side by side in mud lanes they drift.  Must be an interesting feeling … Probably similar to hydroplaning in your vehicle in heavy rain.  Maybe it was just the angle but once the trucks crossed the finish line it looked like they wouldn’t be able to stop before rinning into the fence at the end of the field.   One truck did lose control and roll over by the woods.  We saw the Mustang crack up in the trench earlier this year.  It did the drag racing but not the trench.  Maybe one bad experience in the trench is enough.  

Some of the trucks running in the Trench were impressive.  By the end of the day one hole near the end of the trench had to be over 6 feet deep.  Casualties included drive shafts, rear ends, smoke, one engine fire, radiators and or hoses, etc. but no parts blown off the top of the engine like last time.  Many trucks had to be towed back to the pit area where they would be worked on to come back for their second trench run.

The Monster trucks finished the event.  Kevin and I headed for our truck with one truck to go.  It was getting dark and I wanted to get ahead of the crowd leaving the parking areas.

I had a blast with Father Son time.  However, I did miss Kate and wish she could have joined us.

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