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Sunday, November 5, 2023

“Miracle of Christmas” at Sight & Sound along with some Barns

We bought tickets to see “Miracle of Christmas” at Sight & Sound in Lancaster, PA.

We headed to CT on Thursday night.  Friday morning, we were on our way to Lancaster (Amish Country).  Not a lot of traffic so it was an easy drive.

We spent Friday afternoon sightseeing, and I took some pictures.  We enjoyed the hotel which was only 20 minutes from the Sight & Sound Theater.

The Miracle of Christmas play was excellent.  Live animals, great acting, beautiful sets.  We will definitely check out other plays in the future.


I was up early Saturday morning to take barn pictures and I saw the sun come up.  I had a hard time finding a red barn.  I noticed that 99% of the structures on the farms in the area were white.  White barns, white sheds, white houses, white corn cribs, white outbuildings … Most were in great shape and were all working farms.   It was very different from the farms I had taken pictures of in New England.

We had tickets for the 11:00AM show.  After the show, we had lunch and explored, shopped, and visited a couple covered bridges.  I found 3 covered bridges but only took pics of 2 as the 3rd wasn’t very photogenic with cars all around.

Sunday morning, we were up and on our way home by 8:00AM.  We had a great time and will visit the area again.

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