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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Messin' with the Family

A photograph captures an instant in time that will never happen again.  From that moment forward it's history.  It's what happened ...

For years I fought the industry standard of juicing pictures such as replacing a washed out sky for a nice one, changing backgrounds, colors, adding things that aren't there, etc.

I take pictures because it was a moment in time I experienced ... not a made up thing.  I finally caved in and started playing with Photoshop and may take out power lines or enhance a washed out picture BUT I keep it simple.  

I do like joking around with my family and poking fun at them.  This is a casualty of me being their dad.  I may see an event or look for a photo to mess with my family.

From Cigar Guy to sports, I may change something or add a head or two where they may not have been.  It’s all to poke fun.  I like a good sense of humor.  I can poke fun at myself like I do in some of my blog posts, and poke fun at family and friends like I may do in my blog posts. 

I am not a Photoshop expert and on my best day can't compete with the likes of an expert. 

I didn't have a blog post to place said pictures ... BUT NOW I DO ...

Two Christmas Tree Hunt and Kill Family pics ... New England Patriots ... Hunting ... Olympics ... Cigar Guy ... Chara - Boston Bruins beat the Pittsburgh Penguins ... Gronkowski ... Starting my own family "Duck Dynasty" show ...