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Sunday, February 27, 2011

East Coast Snocross Series

Kevin and I headed to Rockingham Park for the East Coast Snocross Series on Saturday.  We went to a SnoX event in January 2009 and had a good time.  This was the first time we watched at Rockingham.  The track was large and I liked the set up with the big jump at the start/finish line.  It was nice to be able to go inside to warm up, get some food, shop from the vendors, etc.
There were several heats leading up to the final race in each racing class.  The pros really moved and some could really jump.

I grew up in Arizona and had several motorcycles.  I loved to jump.  A couple of these guys were really good.  All were racing in the ESC Challenge.  In the finals, 1st place went to #27, 2nd to #312, and 3rd to # 51.  I would give my "Huge Air" awards to #51-Matt Piche, #193-Matt Pichner, #27-Matt Morin, #312-Danny Poirier, and #808-Jason Stone.  It was fun taking pictures of these guys.  Tough figuring out which shots to post though.  Jumping a 200 pound motorcycle is definitely easier to handle vs a 600+ pound snowmobile.  I would love to try it ... maybe once ... or twice ... or more ...

We watched 4 guys do tricks.  I was panning watching one guy who did a trick as the guy right behind him did a backflip.  Unfortunately, I only got the tail end of it as he is swinging around toward the landing.  I was zoomed in to close and didn't know it was coming.  A neat picture but I wasn't set up like I would have liked.  It turned out to be the only backflip that I saw.  NUTS ...

The final races were fast.  More excellent jumping and some serious speed.  Kevin and I had a great time.  I enjoyed taking action shots and experimenting a bit with my camera.  We will be back next year.

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

NH Ice Fishing Derby - Lake Winnipesaukee 2011

Rick and Steven stopped by my house on Friday to pick up fire wood.  They were staying at David's over the weekend.
I would head up with Kevin early Saturday morning and meet them on the ice.  Kevin had been out of school and running a temperature so he ended up staying home.  I planned to be on the road by 6:00AM.  I woke up at 4:30AM (no idea why!).  I loaded up, stopped at Dunkin Donuts for a coffee, and headed north. 
Jed, John and their crew were going to Spindle Point.  I met Rick and Steven just after the bridge on Moultonborough Neck. 
I parked off the road. I was hesitant to drive my truck on the ice although there were other trucks out there.  The morning temperature was 6 degrees.  The sun came out briefly but was blocked by clouds much of the day. 
Steve and Rick were set up when I arrived.  They had just finished drilling the holes in the ice and the tip ups were out.  Steve made his famous breakfast sandwiches on the grill.  We had lots of food in case others showed up. 

We met Chris and his son David fishing next to us.  They had come up the night before and set up.  They were sleeping in an ice shanty with -40 degree bags and a propane heater right out on the ice.  If you have the proper equipment it would be fun.  They caught several cusk and some perch but none big enough for the board.  Rick caught a very nice salmon that he quickly released as salmon are protected this time of year. 
There were some interesting ice houses on the lake.  As usual, the game warden stopped by to check licenses and the number of traps we had set up. 

Enjoyable afternoon.  It warmed up to 31 degrees however, the wind picked up so it felt much colder. 
Late afternoon I ended up driving my truck on the ice.  As I parked I was talking to Chris and David and the ice made a huge popping noise.  I remember long ago what Doug said "If we go through the ice just follow your bubbles!!"  David said that was the ice settling.  eek ...

One truck on the ice got stuck near us.  The driver was trying to keep up his momentum as he passed us but the back end of his truck started bouncing around as he passed by.  As the truck continued to bounce the ice around us started to move up and down also.  That was a very strange feeling.  We ended up pushing him to get him moving again.  Many of the houses near shore had their docks raised so they wouldn't be crushed by the ice. 
There wasn't much fish action for us.  We packed up around 4:15PM.  Rick and Steve headed for David's house to start making their big spaghetti dinner.  The crew from Spindle Point was joining them.  I couldn't stay so I headed home.  Hopefully the gang will have better luck Sunday.  Rick said they may fish near One Mile Island tomorrow. 

I stopped at the board on the way to look at the fish that had come in for the day.   There were some big fish in each category.  The rainbow trout were very colorful.  There were lots of ice huts, people, snow machines, and ATV's on the ice.  They had helicopter rides also.  It would been fun to take Kevin up so we could see the lake and Red Hill from the air.

Ice Fishing is relaxing and fun especially with friends and family. Get out there and take your family fishing ...

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Hunting Adventures Update

In 2009, Derek took two very nice bucks.  One was 10 point, the other was this 13 point. 

Derek had both deer mounted and finally got his Big 13 point measured for the NBBC (Northeast Big Buck Club). He was told if he had his buck scored before the 2009 deadline, it would have been the #1 deer for the typical category (missed a plaque and trophy). It measured 165". They told him he will be in the record book somewhere around 12th to 15th  spot for biggest typical taken in MA. Derek will also get a separate Pope & Young score for that club.

He will have the 10 point scored soon.

Great job Derek …

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