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Friday, July 30, 2010

Deep Sea Fishing - Gloucester, MA

In the mid 1980's, Steven and Tina were engaged to be married.  We had a deep sea fishing bachelor party for Steven and chartered a boat from the Yankee Fleet out of Gloucester, MA.  We had enough guys to charter the whole boat (the Miss. Gloucester) for a half day which was great. 

We arrived at the docks, loaded up, and headed out of the harbor for an hour or so before we started fishing.

The bait and polls were included.  We went to some good spots and ended up catching 2 barrels of cod fish.  

As we started our return trip the crew started to fillet all the fish.  There was enough for all of us to take some home.  I don't recall anyone getting sea sick as it was relatively calm.

We are all a bit older and wiser now.  Well, at least older ....


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Where do I put these boats???

I never know where to put some of my boat pictures so I thought I would create a place right here.  A couple pictures from Gloucester, MA, Rockport, MA, and Kennebunkport, ME.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Kennebunkport, ME Vacation - 2010

Our vacation week proved to be very warm and humid as the weatherman predicted.   We walked from the house to the rocks by Spouting Rock to watch the July 4 fireworks.  St. Ann's church is in the foreground.  Years ago Pam and I drove up to see the fireworks.  The traffic was terrible so it was nice to be so close to the rocks so we could walk.  I forgot my tripod this vacation so I rested my camera on my knee.  It worked out ok for these shots.

We spent several days at the beach enjoying swimming, boogie boards, body surfing, relaxing. 

We walked to the levy and watched the boats coming and going from the port.  When the tide was high enough the kids (Scott and Pam included) jumped off the rock levy.

We covered Kevin with towels and chips a couple times to watch the seagulls walk on him. 

Kevin and I went to the " Maine Diner"  in Wells for breakfast as we do every vacation.  My struggle that morning was whether I should have coffee at the diner or get my usual Dunkin Donuts morning coffee.  We also took Scott and Evan to Cabelas in Scarboro.  I bought a couple things and enjoyed checking out all the hunting stuff.

On Thursday we decided to go to Funtown in Saco, ME.  One favorite was the log flume as it was very hot and the opportunity to get wet was refreshing.

The kids like the big wood roller coaster called Excalibur.   It is the largest and tallest coaster in Maine and the largest in Northern New England.  They must have gone on it 5 or 6 times.  Megan and Kate liked Dragon's Descent too.

The 13 if us ate dinner at Federal Jack's for Kevin's birthday. 

On Friday Pam and Scott took the kids kayaking. I decided to take pictures from shore instead of risking getting my camera wet. The tide was high so they decided to head toward the ocean. Next they turned around and went up stream and under the bridge. They congregated on some seaweed and relaxed a bit.

We had pizza on the beach on Friday night.  It's a tradition each year (Rain or shine) as we pack up and head home the next morning.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cape Porpoise, ME Vacation - 2010

We went to Cape Porpoise several times during the week.  The warm and humid conditions created fog in the mornings and haze in the afternoons.  This made for some different pictures.

I didn't get up early for a sunrise like last year.  I would get up early and drive to get my coffee (Dunkin Donuts) and head for Cape Porpoise.  It is a working dock so it can be very crowded in the morning.  There is also a restaurant there so parking in the evening can be tight.

I saw this person digging for clams when the tide was out.  It was the first time I have seen someone clamming near the lighthouse in all the years we have been coming to the area.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

George H.W. Bush - 2010

I saw former President, George H.W Bush several times on his boat.  There were a lot of people staying at Walkers Point.  The first time I saw him was on July 4.  He was coming in from fishing with the secret service boat following.

I saw him come and go a few more times during the week.  I would love to take that boat for a spin.  Looks like our former President likes to go fast. 

I saw him return with family one time.  I took this picture of the former President and his son, Jeb Bush (former Governor of Florida), in the red swim shorts.  The others I didn't recognize.

H.W looked to be in good spirits surrounded by family.  I did not see Barbara this time around.