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Saturday, August 12, 2023


My son has had a jeep for several years now.  He has the ability and passion to fix and upgrade things himself.  I have watched him 4 wheeling, fixing, upgrading, 4 wheeling, fixing, upgrading ... I'm sure there are things he fixed I don't know about.   

The following list is what I know he has done: Rough country 4-inch lift kit and shocks, Transfer case oil pump, Rear main seal, Slip yoke eliminator, Rear differential rebuild, Rear axle shafts and bearings, Front and rear driveshafts, U-joints, Brake pads and rotors, Timing chain, Distributor, Starter, Upper and lower ball joints, Cold air intake, Sway bars - front and rear, Steering stabilizer, Steering box, Power steering pump, Exhaust, and Custom console switch panel for lights, etc.  

Now, the rebuild is in progress with a new frame, tub, fenders, paint, wiring, etc ... 90% done.

Once he started with his jeep I started looking for one myself.  I wanted a newer Rubicon JKU, 6-speed manual, with low miles. I was told by a dealer that the Rubicon makes up only 13% of Wrangler sales so was told if I see one I like, move quickly.  I'm not sure what percentage of Rubicons are manual but in my searching seems to be less that 50%.

One day my wife and daughter spotted a Rubicon at a dealer so I checked it out.  It was what I was looking for so traded in my Silverado and bought it.  I added a Teraflex 3 inch lift with 315's, Teraflex tire carrier, BDS dual steering stabilizer, Fox shocks, Magnaflow cat-back exhaust, and a cold air intake.  My son says I need a winch and lights.  For anyone that doesn't know Jeeps, aftermarket add-ons and upgrades can go on forever ... and that's part of Jeep Life.

My wife's uncle was a service manager for a large car dealership and bought this Jeep new in 1970 for his small farm.  He is the original owner and uses the Jeep around his farm to plow the driveway.  The Jeep has never been road-registered.  It has a V6 engine with a 3-speed transmission.  When I was looking to buy a jeep, I drove it and we talked.  The Jeep is kept in the barn and has 11,842 original miles.  It’s a classic 1970 Jeep … Would you keep it original or do the aftermarket thing with suspension, tires, lights, etc.?

I joined a couple Jeep forums and have seen some very nice jeeps which got me thinking about the Jeep pictures I have taken at Vermonster 4x4, Whaleback, Firecracker 4x4, etc. including the Trench, Hill and Hole, Drag Racing, Rock Crawling, show, and shine, etc.  Double-click on the pictures to enlarge. 

Go to: the search bar on my blog and type in Vermonster to see those posts.

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