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Monday, November 5, 2018

Barn Hunting in York County, PA.

Pam headed to SC for a 4 day get away with Beth, Wendy, and Karen.  I flew to PA to visit Gary.  We planned lots of range time for shooting and I wanted to take barn pictures as well.

After landing at Washington/Baltimore we took the back roads through Amish country so I could look for barns.  I did take some barn pictures in MD when driving to and from the airport, but the majority were in PA.

We went to the range on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.   I must admit it’s fun shooting the steel targets.  PCC’s with Glock mags, Glock pistols, and several wheel guns (revolvers) Dennis let us shoot.  I liked the grip on the Ruger GP100, but it didn’t have the rear adjustable sights.  The S&W 629 was very nice with a 6-inch barrel and an adjustable rear sight.  We were shooting .38 Specials with the wheel guns and I was able to hit 6-inch steel plates at 38 yards.   Gary said I should sell my .44 and buy the GP100 in .357 Magnum.  That is the wheel gun Kevin wants.

Each day before and after we went to the range, Gary was stopping so I could take barn pictures.  Most were taken right from the road.  If I was from the area it would have been fun to talk to the farmers and ask to walk around some of their properties to get different views of the barns. 

Every time we ended up on a ridge we could see multiple farms in the distance.  Planting looked to be mainly soy beans and corn.  Mainly cattle farms with some chicken and pig farms also. Oh ... and Llamas ...

I love to drive the back roads in New England looking for barns.  Sometimes I can drive for hours and not see a barn or at least a barn I would like to take a picture of.  In PA, barns are like rabbits … they are everywhere.  I enjoyed driving and taking pictures.  Gary said Beth (his wife) likes that too.
Gary said on numerous occasions he has ZERO interest in looking at barns.  I would get comments from him like “Oh Look … A Red One”.  He said he would rather watch the New England Patriots play football than drive around looking at barns.  A clear shot across the bow at me as he's a Denver Broncos fan and hates the Patriots.  I told him we can’t all be consistent winners.  “Brady – GOAT” 

There were barns over every hill and around every turn in the road.  I hope with 4 days of barn hunting Gary has gained an appreciation for the fine barns in his area.  I know I could spend much more time hunting them down and taking pictures.  Hunting for barns is fun for me … "it’s worse than watching paint dry" for Gary …

Click on a barn picture to enlarge.

Also, the link below to my blog post "Red, White, and Barns of New England" has barn pictures I have taken in New England.