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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Weatherby 7mm Magnum Rounds – An expensive ammo buying experience

I have hunted with a Weatherby 7mm Magnum rifle for years.
For those that don’t know, 7mm WBY Magnum rounds are necked different than other 7mm Magnum rounds.  This makes Weatherby rounds harder to find and more expensive.  Years ago I learned this as I bought a box of Winchester Super-X 7mm Rem Mag rounds.  After an hour drive, I was standing by my truck at 5:30AM, getting ready to go to my deer hunting spot.  I put the Winchester 7mm mag rounds in the magazine but the bolt wouldn’t close.  WRONG ROUNDS!  With no Weatherby rounds with me I had to hunt with my .44 magnum pistol that day.
After sighting in my new Nikon scope this year I needed more ammo so decided to buy a couple boxes when I could find them.  In the fall I bought a box of 7mm WBY Mag 175 gr rounds ($56 for 20 rounds) you see on the right.  I also bought a box of Hornady 7mm WBY Mag 154 gr rounds ($59 for 20 rounds) on the left.  I have a couple old Weatherby boxes in the picture also ($11.95 for 20 rounds) showing prices have gone up.
As Kevin and I were laying out our hunting equipment for opening weekend in Vermont I showed him both boxes.  He opened the box of Hornady rounds to look at them.  They are impressive with the red tips.   As he looked he showed me a round from the sleeve and asked “What round is this”?
Turns out this Winchester .308 reload was in my NEW box of Hornady rounds.  I don’t reload but this reload looks bad.  The crimp doesn’t look right … there are plier marks on the bullet … and it’s crooked.  Looks like a bad shot waiting to happen.  I wouldn’t think someone from the factory would have done this.  My guess is someone looked at the box in the store and made a switch.  THAT "BAD AMMO" SWITCH COST ME $3 ... 

What did I learn?  If I'm going to spend $59 on 20 rounds I will open the box and make sure ALL the factory rounds are there ...