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Monday, May 31, 2010

Kevin driving with "old guys"

All three girls have their drivers license.  Kevin said he wanted to practice for when it is his turn to get his license so I took him to Mels. 

I wondered how he would do with the fast cars and lots of drivers.  He seemed tentative his first time out and got spun out by an "old guy".  Being 12 years old, not sure what his definition of an "old guy" is.  I did see it happen and the"old guy" he referred to was around my age.  I dare him to call me an "old guy" ... hehe 

By his third time on the track Kevin was much more comfortable driving and was more aggressive.  So much so that HE spun out a "different old guy".  

With a large race track, I set up to take pictures on the final corner.   I did watch Kevin on other parts of the track when I could.  Kevin wanted to drive the Home Depot car for his last race.  Looked like he had a good time but the Home Depot car was a bit slower than his previous car.  Wonder if that's a sign for the Nascar race coming up here in NH.

He wants to go 4 wheeling and shooting one of the weekends coming up.  It will have to be after the girls graduate on the 20th ...