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Sunday, October 20, 2013

New Hampshire/Vermont Foliage Run

My foliage run started early this year with mixed up dates for the Vermonster.  It was too early for the fall colors in the area but fun talking pictures anyway.

I had a turkey encounter when taking pictures of this round barn.  The side of the road is around 8 feet higher than the field with a narrow path between the bank and a wire fence. I went down the bank standing next to the post when these turkeys came down the bank and walked right up to me. Only a couple feet away! The Tom’s came to the front of the line, puffed up and spread their tail feathers. Was that a threat??  I think they felt I was blocking their path to the field.  I took a couple more pictures and moved back a bit.  They seemed happy about that and continued to the field …

The following Saturday I had CERT training.  Late that afternoon I connected with Mike, Rick, Steve, Doug, Adam, and Frank in Vermont for dinner.  My plan was to stay the night, get up early, and take pictures. 

The next morning … rain, overcast, grey and white sky … blah ...  I thought there would have been more color in the area.  Guess I was still too far south.  AND WHERE IS THE SUN AND THE BLUE SKY??? 

One of the roads I was going to take was closed from bad flooding the month before so I took a different route.  I ended up in Bethel, VT and thought I would make my way to Woodstock.  Driving the back roads for a couple hours I got turned around and actually ended up back in Bethel. A big loop was not what I had planned.  Guess I should have done the GPS thing!!  I took the highway south heading toward Woodstock when the rain came down.  At that point I decided to head home.

After another weekend of uncooperative weather it finally happened.  The colors popped in the area, sun, and blue sky.  Up at 5:15AM on Saturday and headed out staying in southern New Hampshire.  I took my tripod so I could experiment with low light.  The colors of the subjects are very different at low light and long exposures.  Once the sun came up I continued my drive.

I stopped at Monson Village on my way home for a quick 2 mile hike.  As I was speaking to Russ, this juvenile Red-Tail Hawk came in low from the field landing in a nearby tree.  I saw it coming in.  I must be rusty from not having a camera for a few months as I stood there watching instead of taking pictures.  Russ had just mowed the field making it easier to hunt for mice. 

I continued my walk to the beaver pond.  The empty Heron nest had a pretty backdrop.  On the way back I spotted the Red- Tail again in the corner of the field disappearing into the woods.  If I had more time I would have liked to sit and wait for another sighting.  I love Fall Foliage in New England … 


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