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Friday, August 20, 2010

Waynesburg University

This past week we headed to Waynesburg University in Waynesburg, PA.  An hour or so south of Pittsburgh, PA.  We drove 2 1/2 hours to CT on Monday night.  I worked on Tuesday while the family visited and said goodbye to Megan.  Wednesday morning we were up and on the road by 6:45AM.  8 hours and 7 minutes later we arrived in Waynesburg.  We checked into the hotel and had some dinner. 

On Thursday morning we dropped Megan off at school for orientation and testing Thursday morning.  Grandma E's maiden name was Bryan.  The Bryan family settled in the Dawson/Connellsville, PA area.  We went to Dawson, PA so I could take pictures of  the Bryan United Methodist Church and Bryan Cemetery named after them.

We met Megan for lunch at Waynesburg.  After lunch we moved Megan in to her room.  Her roommate, Katelyn, had moved in a few days earlier as she is playing volleyball and had practice that week.

On Friday Megan had more events to attend with an induction ceremony in the afternoon. 

I woke up before sunrise each morning and got Kevin up to go looking for deer on the back roads.  We would have gotten lost winding down the back roads without the GPS.  We also went out each evening until it was to dark.  Each time we went out we saw an average of 30 deer.  We pretty much saw deer every time we saw a big field.  At one point there was a fence along the dirt road with a doe on the far side and 3 fawns right next to us.  They ran along the fence as I followed trying to get a picture.  I didn't want to get to close in case they turned toward me so I wouldn't run them over.  No pics ... nuts.

When driving the dirt roads we came upon this crew laying pipe up a hill.  We watched for 30 minutes or so then had to head back to the college.

We started our trip back Friday afternoon.  We stopped at the Hampton Inn in Danville, PA off of I80 about half way back to CT.

I was up early Saturday morning to look for deer and drive to 2 covered bridges in the area.  Covered Bridges, a couple nice barns, but not one deer.  Hmm ...

We packed up and were back on the road by 9:30AM continuing to CT. 

Returned to NH on Sunday.

Several have asked us why Waynesburg University?  Megan was accepted to quite a few colleges with nursing programs.  After visiting many of them we determined Waynesburg had an excellent program with the best Sim (Simulation) Lab of any school being considered.  Most schools visited start clinicals junior year and Waynesburg started sophomore year.  We considered that a plus.

4 years later Megan graduated with her BSN.  ALL of the BSN nursing students that graduated with Megan PASSED their Nursing Boards.  (That statistic should be considered when looking at nursing programs).   

Megan works at an ANCC Magnet recognized hospital as an RN in the Cardiac/Med Surg unit. 

Kudos to the program at Waynesburg University.

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