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Sunday, July 31, 2011

AMA Pro Hillclimb - 2011

Kevin and I headed to Canaan, NH for the AMA (American Motorcycle Association) National Pro Hillclimb this weekend. 
We spent time before the races looking at the motorcycles.  They are impressive to look at with the chrome, colors, configurations, etc.  The crews and riders working on the motorcycles were very friendly and informative.  We didn't experience one attitude from any of them.  Kevin sat on Colby McCutcheon' s (#124) rig which is in the Xtreme class. 

I took a couple nice pictures of the #3 bike ridden by Chris VanHyning in the Xtreme Class.   Tiger Strank's #9 in the Unlimited class looked impressive.

This is a row of bikes showing some good color.  As the riders come to the line they get last minute instructions, some get air blown at them to keep cool, some use a crate to keep upright as many bikes are so tall.  Once they are ready the mechanic puts the bike in gear then it's instant on ... off like a shot with rocks and dirt flying.

Kevin spent most of his time by the fence watching the starting line.  With paddle tires or chains on the back of these bikes Kevin lost count of how many times rocks and dirt rained down on him.  It can be dangerous if you're not paying attention.  VERY LOUD also.

Last year they had straw on the hill.  Not sure if that was to make it harder or to help keep the dist down.  No straw this year.  There seemed to be more accidents.  The second hill seemed to be a bit soft.  When the riders jumped from the first hill to the second several had their front end get buried and they would go down.

I tried to take pictures of different parts of the race.  The start, fist jump, first hill with jump to second hill with jump to final hill and finish line. 

At half time they had Hill Cross where groups of 4 raced to the top.  Those chains or cup tires can really throw the rocks.   If you are not out front it looked to be the equivalent of having rocks and dirt shot out of a cannon at you.  It had to hurt.  The top two from each group advanced for a final race.

We were more prepared this year.  At 6:30AM when I woke Kevin up I asked him what he wanted to eat.  He said spaghetti so I made that for him.  I was told by a one of the staff they had never seen anyone bring spaghetti and sauce to the event.  I brought chairs, a big cooler with drinks, food, snacks, etc.  There were plenty of vendors if we forgot something.

Next year I may throw the portable Webber grill in the back of the truck and tailgate ...

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