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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Skydiving in Pepperell - Megan

Megan has always wanted to go skydiving so she, Matt, and Amanda decided take the big jump. 

Megan was the first to suit up.  Followed by Matt then Amanda.  Jump suit, harness, hat, goggles, etc ...

Once they had all of their gear on and they finished with their instructions we all headed for the staging area.  They loaded up  and the plane took off  to climb to 10,000 feet. 

With no tripod I ended up lying on the ground with my camera trying to track the plane so I could take pictures of them jumping out of the plane. 

I lost the plane in the bright afternoon sun so I wasn't able to spot them again before they jumped.  The bright sun also made it more difficult to track them as the fell.

Matt has the red and white canopy.  Megan and Amanda had the same color canopy.  Amanda had the white drogue on the left and Megan had the pink drogue on the right.

I took landing pictures of Amanda and Megan.  I was tracking Matt and his landing also.  Just as he started to touch down Pam and Megan ran in front of me so I didn't get a picture.

All three said it was fantastic and they would definitely do it again.  I took a couple group pictures before they took their gear off. 

Skydiving can be a family event.  Even if you're not interested in jumping it is fun to watch.   My observations: Megan talks a lot when she is nervous.  Amanda gets very quiet.  Matt showed no fear and was ready to go ...

We had family and friends show up to watch.  Marge (Matt and Amanda's grandmother) was among them.  Hey Marge ... your birthday celebration is this week ... are you interested in a jump?

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