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Friday, September 10, 2010

Moose River Outpost

Kevin and I headed out for the Moose River Outpost this weekend with a group from church.  There were 17 of us.   We were staying at the Moose River Lodge Friday night and would go white water rafting on Saturday.

Kevin and I left home around noon on Friday headed for the Moose River Outpost in Jackman, ME. 

Our plan was to arrive before dark to enjoy the area and go 4 wheeling down some of the roads and trails to look for moose and bear. 

It took us 3 hours of highway driving and 2 hours of back road driving finally arriving just after 5:00PM.  I saw this sign on the way to the lodge which is 3 miles down a dirt road from the main road.   As we emerged from the woods, we were shocked at the beauty of the lodge, the grounds, buildings, and the view.  It was fantastic.

The guys were to stay in one bunk house that had 16 beds.  The gals were to stay in a bunk house that held 14.  They were very nice.  There is a conference center, dining hall, snack shop, etc.  It's an impressive place.  I was told it was previously owned/build by Ken Olson from Digital Equipment Corp. (DEC) and used for corporate retreats, etc.   Beautiful place in a beautiful area which must pop during foliage season.

Kevin and I unloaded our gear and headed for the woods.  I saw many dirt roads and trails in the area from Google Earth.  I printed out a map and had my GPS so we were off 4 wheeling down the trails in the truck.  I did some internet searching and found out they have 300 miles of ATV trails in the area.  I passed a couple trails my truck wouldn't fit down so wish we had ATV's also.  What beautiful country ...   We went about 10 miles into the woods before we decided to turn around.  It was getting dark because of the cloud cover and I wanted to get a bit closer to the road in case we had any problems.  No moose or bear sightings in the woods.

The others didn't arrive till around 9:15PM.  One group saw a moose on the drive in.  Lights out around 11:30PM.

I was up and heading for the dock at 5:25AM to watch the sunrise.  It was so quiet, no wind, beautiful.  I heard a loon sound off.  Kevin and Steven were the next to arrive. 

We had breakfast at 7:00AM.  They produce maple sugar on the property with 17,000 trees tapped.  Last season they produced 5,000 gallons of maple syrup. 

We finished packing and headed out around 7:40AM for our whitewater rafting adventure.

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