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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Skydiving - Pepperell, MA - 2008

I enjoy taking action shots of moving objects. This has taken some practice since my camera doesn't have a viewfinder. I decided to practice by taking pictures of skydivers jumping from 13,000 feet. It has been fun experimenting and the colors are very sharp. I don't know most of the people I have taken pictures of so I posted many of my pictures on a skydiving web site.  I have been contacted by several to ask for originals.

I was taking pictures at the “New England Boogie” in Pepperell, MA on August 24, 2008. At 4:36PM a skydiver cut his main parachute (called a cutaway) when it malfunctioned. He returned safely with his reserve parachute. Not very common to get a picture of a skydiving accident.  I sent a picture to Skydiving Magazine. They published the first picture in the November 2008 edition.

I was taking pictures and saw what I thought was 2 skydivers collide in the air. I thought they were tangled up going to crash. They were very close and coming down so fast I only got one shot off before one of them yelled “NOW” and they broke apart and landed safely. It turns out they were practicing a maneuver called a "downplane".  Turns out this is the Air Adventures Parachute Team.

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