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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Skydiving - Pepperell, MA - 2016

I took pictures at the annual Skydiving Boogie in Pepperell.  I had out-of-town company visiting which kept me from spending a lot of time

watching but I made the best of it.

This is a big event so there were many skydivers attending.  There were additional tents set up for parachute packing and tents with companies selling equipment.  They had two planes which meant more action for me.

I showed up briefly 3 different times.  The sky was clear and blue most of the time.  Some clouds passed by but didn’t slow down the jumps.

The wind effects where the skydivers exit the plane.  The times I was there the wind was minimal so the exit from the planes was close to straight up.  This is not ideal for me trying to take exit pictures from the ground. 

The wind direction was not ideal either so the skydivers were coming in over the parking lot, over my head, then going away from me to make the landing in the 

field.  I like taking pictures when the skydivers are coming toward me so I can see their faces.  This was the opposite so I made the best of it. 

I saw some nice swoops by one of the formation teams jumping. 

Taking pictures of moving objects with a zoom lens takes practice.  It is fun to 

practice with skydivers as the subject.  However, if your parachute isn’t colorful or unusual I won’t take your picture.  There were some colorful parachutes … 

I wish I could have spent more time watching and taking pictures to experiment a bit.  Experimenting with camera settings will be my challenge for next year.

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