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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Hunting Adventures - 2014

 Opening rifle in NH started Wednesday.  Opening for me was Thursday.  I was up at 3:19AM.  I couldn’t go back to sleep so I turned my alarm off and got up.  I got ready and headed to Moultonborough. 

I walked in to my spot with a flashlight a half hour before legal shooting light.  I stayed there until 10:20AM.  Nothing!!  I decided to move a bit and found some nice scrapes so there was a buck in there.  I wanted to warm up so headed back to the truck.  Should I go to the diner for lunch or eat my PB sandwich.  After a mental debate I decided to eat my PB sandwich and go to a different area “the L” to hunt. 

I was going to go down the swamp trail to a scrap line I marked with my GPS.  It was just after 12 noon when I headed for the swamp trail and the scrap line.  Once I started down the swamp trail I went about 100 yards and 2 deer jumped up. 

They were on an old skidder trail with low brush bedded in the sun.  Both jumped up.  The first was a big doe.  I could shoot a doe so could have taken either.  Gun up I thought to pass as I wanted a buck.  Both deer went into the pines parallel to the swamp trail and stopped.  I moved another 50 yards and spotted both again.  Same thing … First deer up into more pines and away … second deer up following.  Just as the second deer got to the pines it raised its head and I saw 8 points … GONE … a nice buck staying close to a hot doe.  GPS ON … I gave chase for 3 miles … I never saw either again but heard them go off when I got close.  NUTS …

Anthony and I hunted close to where we live.  Saw deer tracks but no deer.  We did see 5 people and 8 dogs where we were hunting.  That is probably why we didn’t see any deer. 

I did take Anthony back to Moultonborough.  We went down the same trails, tracks but no deer.  We headed to the top of the hill and cut some huge deer tracks.  There is a heavy deer up top.  We picked a spot and sat for a couple hours before moving again.  We saw huge tracks on top coming from an old clear cut field with huge brush.  It was nice to get out but no deer sightings.

Kevin brought his friend Seth to Vermont for opening weekend.  We decided to hunt off the Copper Mine Road.  We arrived Friday afternoon to do some scouting.  Seth and Kevin went 4 wheeling and got his truck muddy.  I was going to hunt by a field Saturday morning.  Kevin and Seth had spots picked out a 3/4 mile further down.  Each of us had radios.  I gave Kevin my GPS and Seth had his own.  I would use a ball compass. 

Saturday morning I was up at 4:00AM with Mike.  Seth and Kevin were up at 4:40AM.  We had breakfast got ready to go.  We were going to head out before light to get to our spots.  When I went to start my truck Kevin and Seth were already gone.  Hmm …

I took off also, parked my truck, and headed to my spot with my flashlight.  It was cold but little wind.  I sat until 8:40AM.  I let the boys know I would head their direction.  I walked S by SW through the woods.  Some good tracks but I didn’t see anything.  I ended up pushing 2 does to Kevin and Seth.  No doe tags for out of state hunters so no shots taken.  

Kevin and Seth headed 1 ½ miles down the hill to stream.  They spent Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning hunting up and down that hill.  They saw 5 does.  Seth saw a buck and gave chase but never caught up.  I spent more time in the fields and saw several does but no bucks.

Saturday night we had 19 people for our annual dinner gathering.  We had an excellent steak dinner.  It’s nice to see people, tell stories, and catch up. 

Sunday morning we hunted the same area then headed back to Mike’s house for lunch.  After lunch I suggested Kevin and Seth hunt below Mike’s house.  One could head down the hill and I would drive the other to one of the fields then they could hunt that area.  I told them there was a deer making scrapes so they should check it out.  They passed and went 4 wheeling again.  They got stuck at one point but freed themselves.  Lots-o-mud … Needless to say Mike hunted below his house 2 days later and shot this 7 point buck. 

Stephen K. took 2 deer in MA.  Said he spotted a buck that had bedded down.  A doe came by.  The buck stood up.  He shot the buck then another doe came by so he shot that too.  He filled both of his tags in 5 minutes.

Derek took this doe.  He also took a buck the last day of the season. 

Ray hunted in NH and said he wasn’t seeing many deer on his trail cameras.  He did see several moose and bears.  He sent me the bear pics.  HUGE … Has to be 500lbs.  If I saw a bear that size in the woods with no gun I would be a bit nervous.

James took 2 does during the season.   He and his buddy stalked this deer and made a nice shot. 

We had a great time hunting this year and look forward to the 2015 season.  Our tradition is to hunt at Mike an Lauren's opening weekend.  I decided to do a collage of some of the people pics I have taken over the years. 

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Rockport, MA

Rockport, MA
Rockport, MA