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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Target Shooting with Kate

Kate wanted to go shooting before going back to school.  We headed north to a place we could shoot.  I didn't expect the mud we encountered.  It has been warm so the ground thaw and the ice melt has caused lots of mud.  As we wound our way through the woods I came to a couple areas where someone else had broken through the ice on one side of the trail.  Ice, water, and mud can be exciting.  A couple of times I almost came to a stop because of the mud.  Momentum is key when 4 wheeling.  We arrived at an area that looked good for target shooting so we stopped.  I set up some paper targets.  I found a can and stuck that on a branch also.

I brought 3 pistols.  We started off with the .44 magnum (Beulah).  The Pachmayr grip was a bit big for Kate.  The .44 is heavy for her also.  After a dozen rounds or so her hand hurt. 

We moved to the 9mm.  We (mainly Kate) shot 140 rounds with that.  I should have brought more ammo.  I put 19 rounds in the clip and let her have at it in this video. 
Finally, the .22 pistol.  A fun round (and cheap to shoot) but Kate liked the 9mm more. 

We wrapped up our shooting and headed down a couple more trails through the woods.  I ended up on the far side of a ravine.  I wasn't about to attempt going down the steep bank and try to make it up the other side without other trucks with me so I had to turn around.  Had a blast in the mud.
As we headed for home we stopped at a Sportsman show.  I met John Klucky who holds the state record for a typical buck in New Hampshire.  He is a guide and has taken some huge deer. 
We had a great time talking, shooting, and having father daughter time.



Rockport, MA

Rockport, MA
Rockport, MA