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Saturday, March 19, 2011

You Talkin to me?? Ogunquite, ME

We headed to Ogunquit, ME to walk the Marginal Way.  We parked at Perkins Cove and walked toward Ogunquit beach.  It was sunny, in the 60's, with a wind advisory  It turned out the wind wasn't too bad as the shoreline blocked much of the wind.  There are plenty of benches to sit on and relax, read, enjoy the rocks, waves, etc. 

As we were walking some kind of a weasel ran across the path in front of us going from the brush to the rocks.  I did an internet search and found it was a short-tailed weasel called an Ermine.  It was white with a short tail that had a black tip.  (In the summer it turns brown)  I thought it was real neat looking but it scared Pam.  Was my camera ready … NO … it disappeared in the rocks and I wasn’t able to see it again.   

We continued our walk.  I saw a seagull close to a bench.  It looked pretty content so I though I would take it's picture.  Not a big deal right ... I mean, how many people have taken pictures of a seagull?

Just as I was ready to take a picture the bird mouthed off to me.  What was this disrespectful bird trying to say?
You talkin to me ...
Not another picture ...
Yawn ...
Cheese ...
You want a piece of me ...

I took a second picture once it stopped mouthing off.  I figured it must have been a teenager ...

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