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Sunday, February 27, 2011

East Coast Snocross Series

Kevin and I headed to Rockingham Park for the East Coast Snocross Series on Saturday.  We went to a SnoX event in January 2009 and had a good time.  This was the first time we watched at Rockingham.  The track was large and I liked the set up with the big jump at the start/finish line.  It was nice to be able to go inside to warm up, get some food, shop from the vendors, etc.
There were several heats leading up to the final race in each racing class.  The pros really moved and some could really jump.

I grew up in Arizona and had several motorcycles.  I loved to jump.  A couple of these guys were really good.  All were racing in the ESC Challenge.  In the finals, 1st place went to #27, 2nd to #312, and 3rd to # 51.  I would give my "Huge Air" awards to #51-Matt Piche, #193-Matt Pichner, #27-Matt Morin, #312-Danny Poirier, and #808-Jason Stone.  It was fun taking pictures of these guys.  Tough figuring out which shots to post though.  Jumping a 200 pound motorcycle is definitely easier to handle vs a 600+ pound snowmobile.  I would love to try it ... maybe once ... or twice ... or more ...

We watched 4 guys do tricks.  I was panning watching one guy who did a trick as the guy right behind him did a backflip.  Unfortunately, I only got the tail end of it as he is swinging around toward the landing.  I was zoomed in to close and didn't know it was coming.  A neat picture but I wasn't set up like I would have liked.  It turned out to be the only backflip that I saw.  NUTS ...

The final races were fast.  More excellent jumping and some serious speed.  Kevin and I had a great time.  I enjoyed taking action shots and experimenting a bit with my camera.  We will be back next year.

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