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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Skydiving - Pepperell, MA - 2009

Skydiving has started again now that the weather is warming up. Kevin brough a rocket to shoot while we waited for the skydivers to fall from the sky. He made the rocket with 2 soda bottles cut and taped together, a platform out of K'Nex, and put a bicycle valve stem through the middle of a cork so he could pump air into the bottle. He fills the bottle with several inches of water and plugs it with the cork. He sets it into the platform and uses a bicycle pump to pump air into the bottle. After 5 or 6 pumps the bottle shoots up into the air. It goes pretty high.

I am trying to focus more on closer Canopy Flight and Landing shots this year. I missed a camera shot of a skydiver landing in a residential backyard with his parachute partially deployed. Ended up with a broken leg. He was pretty lucky. I was unlucky missing the shot.

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Rockport, MA
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