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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Memories of Pfc. Matthew A. Bean

Pfc. Matthew A. Bean, was killed in Iraq. His father, Dana, was my roommate at Gordon College.

Below are two YouTube videos made by Dana’s brother, Doug, as a tribute to Matthew. While on patrol for missing Soldiers (Alex Jimenez and Byron Fouty) from his unit, the 10th Mountain division, Matthew was shot in the head by a sniper and would die from this injury May 31st, 2007.

Dana and Cheryl continue to be strong through this time.

On Tuesday, December 8, 2009, Matthew was profiled on the Nancy Grace Program. Dana said his family is like all other "Gold Star" families: honored & proud to share our son's life with the shows viewers.

Dana (Matthew's father) has been corresponding with Blue Browning, of the Nancy Grace Show, giving more information about Matthew.

Matthew Bio ...

Matthew was an athlete of course: snow, skate, & wakeboarding. He wrestled & played judo. Football & soccer when he was younger. He enjoyed outdoor activities like fishing & softball. What he was famous among his military "brothers" for was playing guitar & singing after they came back from patrols.

While in Iraq, on his first tour, he survived two IED explosions and was awarded the "Arcom" (Army Commendation) for saving his unit from a third. He actually stood by the device, cleared the area, and located the enemy who had set it. We were told that he was targeted by the sniper who shot him because he would have been identified over a period of time as "the guy" in his unit that was outstanding. He died May 31st, 2007 from his head wound at Bethesda Naval Hospital after hanging on for 12 days. The Army doctors did all they could; we will always be thankful to them for the time they gave us with our son. Matthew had just turned 22 years old. He had been awarded the ArCom, Bronze Star, & Purple Heart.

He had an award-winning smile that melted the hearts of everyone he met. It reflected what was inside of him. Matthew was a Christian. That is what gives us the "blessed assurance" that we will see him again when our Lord calls us home! His life and death have touched many for the sake of Christ. That now includes you & Nancy!

Matthew left behind his brothers & sisters, as well as, his fiancee, Sarah. There are some great pictures of him along with a bit of who he was on various "YouTube" videos posted by family & friends.

My wife, Cheryl, & I thank you!

Dana Bean
Proud Army Dad

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