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Friday, August 1, 2008

2008 with President George W Bush

Each year we vacation for a week in Kennebunkport, ME. This year we rented a different house that was near Ocean Avenue. It was a great location for walking to the rocks. We had some unexpected traffic issues when President Bush arrived for a family wedding. I was able to take some pictures of President Bush when he arrived at his father’s house. The fog was in and I was 450 yards away. I was standing next to the camera man in the yellow shirt in one of my pictures below. I guess I looked like one of them until I sat on the rock and used the fence to try to get more stability from that distance. That lasted about 10 seconds then I was told to move to where everyone else was.

Former First Lady, Barbara, greeting President with open arms.

President Bush getting out of the SUV.

President Bush and First Lady Laura shaking hands with guests.

The Bush fishing boat must be a lot of fun. It has three 300hp motors. I would love to take my kids fishing with the President. One day when we were on the rocks I heard the boat roaring out to sea in the fog. I took this picture of the President going fishing. I was ready to go fishing too but never got the call.

The TV cameras were everywhere this year. The Coast Guard blocked all boat traffic around the compound.



Rockport, MA

Rockport, MA
Rockport, MA