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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Skydiving - Pepperell, MA - 2012

I  took skydiving pictures a couple times this summer.  I thought I would focus on in air shots with clouds.  However, tough to do if there are no clouds. 

The Pepperell Boogie seemed busy this year.  2 planes and lots of skydivers.  I saw this interesting parachute.  It looked tough to maneuver.  At one point I thought I thought I may be landed on so I moved to the left.  I was missed by about 50 feet.

I like colorful parachutes and outfits.  I like clouds for variety but I did miss seeing a 40-way do formations because of them,  I took a parachute deploy at 6,000 feet tracking from the ground.

I told myself I would stop taking pictures of tandems but there were a few I saw that I couldn't resist.

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