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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

"Nurse Megan" helps save a life at Kohl's

My daughter Megan is on summer break from college (she is a senior in the nursing program) and is working at Kohl's in town.  She worked 2 shifts yesterday … 8AM to 2:30PM … then another from 5:30PM to 9:30PM.

She pulled into the driveway last night at 9:30PM which was early.  I was in the family room when she walked in.  I turned and asked “Did you get out of work early Meggy?”  She looked at me and started to cry … Not what any dad or parent likes to see … Father radar engaged ...

She said “I have to tell you something bad that happened”.  I can tell you those are words a parent doesn’t want to hear.  Deep breath … deep breath …

She calmed down a bit and sobbing … told me what happened.

Kohl's has many sections; clothing, shoes, jewelry, and includes a kitchen section.  While on her evening shift a young woman came through her line and purchased a large kitchen knife.  Megan asked the usual, do you have a Kohl's Card, Kohl's Coupons, etc.   She said the customer was friendly, they chatted … next customer.

Megan went on break.  Soon after there was a “Call 911” over the employee headset.  Megan came out of the break room and saw people crowding around the bathroom so she went in.  The last stall in the bathroom had blood all over the floor.  A woman had tried to commit suicide … several wounds … one very deep forearm wound … blood was everywhere … It was the same young woman who had purchased the kitchen knife from Megan a few minutes before. 

Megan put on gloves from the store first aid kit … she took the knife away which was still in this woman's hand … she applied pressure to the wounds and started talking to the woman.  Meggy told me she thought the woman was going to bleed out …

She started asking the woman questions to engage and told her … don’t fall asleep … keep your eyes open … look at me … What is your name?  Answered.  How old are you? 23 years old.  What’s your favorite movie? Answered.  Where is your purse/wallet? Answered.  Meggy told her that she would be her friend and help would be there soon.   The woman said she didn’t want to be alive and wanted to stop talking. 

A couple minutes passed.  Megan said the woman started to slump over but was still semi conscious.  At that point the police and emergency personnel arrived and they took over.

Megan was upset saying she was the last person the woman spoke to when she purchased the knife.  I said … no … no … As you were helping this woman, you were the last person she spoke to before the EMT's and police arrived.

Megan got a call from her boss late last night saying the woman was taken to a hospital and was alive … They had stopped the bleeding.  Her boss said Megan helped save the woman’s life.

We told Megan God put her on a second shift yesterday for a reason.



Rockport, MA

Rockport, MA
Rockport, MA