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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Canadian Fishing Trip 1

Many years ago I went fishing at Club Haltaparche in Quebec, Canada with the guys.  Here are some pictures of our experience.  I remember I didn't catch my first fish until day 2.  The black flies were out in force as it was early June.  We work long sleeves or sweatshirts.  Anything not covered looked pretty tasty to those flies.  e used a lot of sunscreen and bug spray. 

We had 4 vehicles loaded down with motors, gas, equipment, etc. for our big trip.  Lots of good fishing.  A black bear ran across the road in front of Doug's jeep. 

When someone is young and excited about they may not think clearly about things.  This was my case so I had a young and stupid experience.  I wanted to fish a stream that emptied into one of the lakes and we were using a canoe.  2 of the guys said they would paddle me across the lake to the stream and let me off.  A debate ensued with the 2 guys who would paddle in front and who would paddle in the back.  I would ride in the middle of the canoe as I was being dropped off.

One of the hunting rules I have is to make sure I know about the people I'm hunting with to avoid the potential of being in a bad spot.  Turns out in this instance I should have used the same rule because the person paddling the back of the canoe didn't know how to steer.  We ended up in the middle of the lake going in circles.

Mind you, I was prepared to fish so  I sat in the canoe with my pole, tackle box and not thinking (here is my young and stupid part) with my chest waders on.  Once we pushed off, and I notice a steering problem I realized the canoe was 3 inches or so above the water because of our combined weight ... I'm going around in circles in the middle of the lake ... The man in front is yelling at the man in back trying to tell him how to steer ... and I could sink like a rock if we go in because I have my chest waders on ... and we have NO life jackets.  I'm sure it would have been funny to watch if it wasn't potentially serious.  I was not a happy fisherman.

You can't switch seats so both men twisted around in their seats so the man in front would be in the back and could steer.  I was finally dropped off to fish up the stream.  I do seem to remember kissing the ground as I departed.

I am not as young as I was then.  They tell me with age comes wisdom.  I will bring my own life jacket and never wear chest waders in a canoe again.  

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