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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

NASCAR - New Hampshire Motor Speedway

I took Kevin to NH Motor Speedway this weekend to watch the NASCAR races. We spent some time at the US Army set up before we went to the stands. Kevin also had a turn with a race simulator which was fun. We bought a Jeff Burton CAT t-shirt to match his hat.

We watched different groups qualify and do practice laps as well as the races. FYI ...I was a bit unprepared as it was loud ... I'm sorry, I can't hear you ... speak up ... IT WAS REALLY LOUD ... I had to buy ear plugs for both of us. Many fans had radio headsets you can buy or rent to dial in and listen to pit crew conversations, etc. That would be interesting! Maybe next time.

I bought general admission tickets so we could move around in the stands. Ron Silk, # 6, won the NASCAR Whelen Modified.

Kyle Bush, #51, won the HeluvaGood! 200 truck race. We watched the races from the Main Grandstand near the Start/Finish line and from the stands behind Turn 1.
On Sunday, Mark Martin, #5, won the Sylvania 300. Kevin is a CAT fan and Jeff Burton, #31, came in 16th. in the Caterpillar Chevrolet. I must say it was difficult taking pictures on the straight when we sat close to the track. The NASCAR cars are doing 155+ mph on the straight and 100 mph or so on the corners. It may not appear so fast on TV or when you sit far away. Up close ... it's fast. We had a great time and will have to go next year.

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