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Saturday, July 4, 2009

July 4, 2009 - Lake Winnipesaukee

We headed to David and Kristen’s house on Lake Winnipesaukee for much of the day. Lots of water fun with jet ski’s, kayak’s, a paddle boat, the ski boat, etc.

There wasn't much traffic on the drive so we arrived around 10:30AM. The weather was great with the occasional rain clouds passing by. Sun ... rain for 20 minutes ... sun ... rain for 20 minutes ... sun …

The girls really liked the jet ski’s. Matt went out with Megan. Doug went out with Katelyn. David went out with Courtney. They can tell you how the rain hurts when riding fast on a jet ski. The water was calm so it was easy to go fast.

The 2 Kayak's Mike and Lauren brought got plenty of use. Kevin really enjoyed himself paddling around the small island next to David’s place.

The double tube was real fun for the girls and Kevin. Even though David took it easy on them some of the facial expressions they made were priceless. We passed a Bald Eagle nest. Kevin caught a glympse of a bird but I didn't. After we left Doug saw a Bald Eagle flying around close by. I would have loved to get a picture of that.

It was great to catch up with everyone. Mike, Ray, and Doug are already starting to think about their Montana Elk hunt in October. Rick and I didn't put in for a license this year. NUTS. Mike said they better be in shape as they will be hunting at around 12,000 feet.

We headed to Rob and Wendy’s. at 4:30PM. Some serious volleyball was played along with swimming in the pool and a balloon toss. It was a long day so we skipped the local fireworks to watch the Boston Fireworks on TV.

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