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Sunday, August 6, 2017

"Fog is My Friend"

When vacationing this year, we had a couple days where the fog rolled in off the ocean.  Many people may get bummed out when fog rolls in because it messes up their plans. 

I took a different approach from a photography perspective and started using the phrase “Fog is my Friend”.  I wouldn’t let the fog stop me and tried to use it to my advantage.

Fog gives you a different kind of depth of field making things disappear by distance or height.  Fog can also make colors pop.

I decided to make a “Fog is My Friend” theme post with some of the fog pictures I have taken. 

This will be a work in progress.  

Click on a photo to enlarge ...
I won't comment on all of these but this first one was interesting.  I saw the fog roll in over the ocean water.  The water looked like clouds and half the houses disappeared.  Looks like the guy fishing is in the clouds.  I like the horizontal layers.
 We were on the beach and in a matter of minutes the fog rolled in.  I'm glad I wasn't on a boat!! 

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