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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Time-Lapse Photography - Experimenting

In the past I have experimented a bit with time lapse photography and enjoy it very much.  I had a Nikon FE2 film camera for these older photos. It was different experimenting with film as you didn't quite know what you would get until the film was developed.  You had to be a bit more deliberate when experimenting.

I set my tripod up and took pictures of the television.  That was when picture tubes weren't the greatest.  I liked watching sports.  How many remember Howard ...

I carefully set up this candle and left the shutter open on my camera for 24 hours. As you can see the candle opened up on one side and the hot wax dripped over the side. It made an interesting picture. Make sure to take precautions in case the candle falls over or wax drips.  When I took this other candle picture I opened the shutter then came around and positioned myself behind the candle.  When the light reflects you appear like a ghost if you don't stay long enough.  The tough part is to remain still so you aren't a blur.
When I went to Disneyland in California I took my camera on several rides to take time lapse pictures of movement. The Monorail is used to take people around the park. It also makes a stop at the Disneyland Hotel. I was lucky enough to sit in a seat so I could point the camera forward for my experiment. I held my camera very still and took a time lapse photo as we passed the hotel. The movement of the lights was caused by the motion of the Monorail. You can read the "Disneyland Hotel" sign lit up in red.

I experimented taking moon pictures.  Here is a 23 minute picture of the moon rising.  I kept the shutter open on this other one and moved the camera to create a pattern.  It is interesting how the moon creates tubes not just lines.  

I also took a couple pictures over the tunnel on the parkway in CT.  Not sure you could still do that today without getting arrested. These are old and were scanned.  The lines will have to do unless I can find the negatives.  Either way you get the idea of the photos.

Here are two I took in Phoenix looking at 7th Ave.  More experimenting.  I had the camera on the tripod and with a second or so remaining I pointed the camera down making the tails.  The other I moved the camera up and down with the shutter open.

While staying at a Boston hotel recently there were small orange colored ornamental lights hanging down from the high ceiling projecting light down toward the escalators.  I took time lapse pictures going up and down the escalators using the hand rail to try to hold my camera pointing straight up at the lights.

If I have time I will add some others ...

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