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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Kennebunkport, ME Vacation - 2015

We had another relaxing vacation week in the yellow house.  It is certainly my favorite of the rentals we have had over the years.  I said this in a past post but our rental was built in 1765.  It is the 2nd oldest house in the area.  It’s an ideal location being a 5 minute walk to town and 10 minute walk to the beach.  As with last year we had mountain bikes to ride, kayaks, and a canoe we could launch on to Kennebec River.  I have my camera too.

The week was warm being mid 80’s to low 90’s.  We had severe thunderstorms roll through mid week.  I haven’t seen that much lightening and heavy rain in a long time.

Several of the kids wanted to go to the rocks or the beach to watch the lightening, waves, etc.  I thought of going to one of the piers to do the same thinking I would sit in my truck to stay out of the rain.  I could roll down the window just enough to clear my camera lens and take time lapse pictures using the lightening as a flash.  I just couldn’t get past using my metal tripod inside my truck with that much lightening.  It was quite the show.  May be a bit too dangerous and wet so we all stayed in the house.

I headed to Cape Porpoise several times which can be interesting.  The heat can make sky and the water appear to be very similar in color.  I always like the fog as it can make some interesting pictures.

Not to say I’m a big kid but we went to “Funtown Splashtown USA”.  All of us enjoyed the rides.  I must say the old guys ruled on the bumper cars …

We went to the beach quite a bit.  We walked to the jetty, the cove, and the rocks.  Swimming, body surfing, boogie boards, and a ladder toss tournament on the beach.  We had pizza on the beach too.

I played with Kevin’s rock crawler on the rocks by the ocean several times.  It’s technical, fun, and slow.  I think Kevin likes his other RC cars that go much faster.

I was up early to get to Perkins Cove to see the sunrise.  Went to the “Maine Diner” several times with different kids as well.

George HW Bush was in town but had fallen and was in the hospital.  I saw former First Lady Barbara walking on the beach one evening.  Yet another relaxing family vacation.

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