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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cape Porpoise, ME - 2009

I went to Cape Porpoise several times during our vacation. The last morning before we left I was up at 5:00AM to see if I could get sunrise pictures. There was a break in the clouds along the horizon so I thought the color could come through. I drove by the Bush compound and saw what I thought would be the start of some color breaking through so off I went to Cape Porpoise. As I was driving the sunrise stated to change color and get more vivid. I wish I was about 10 minutes earlier. Since it was my first attempt at a sunrise I wasn't sure where to go. As I approached Cape Porpoise the sun was coming up behind where I would normally go so I took a different road with a different view. As you can see from these pictures the pink and yellow really came through and I was lucky enough to get a boat in the picture. Next time I will pick something to photograph and set up so I won't miss some of the colors. The sunrise went from pink to yellow.

Since Cape Porpoise is a working dock there tends to be a lot of fishing activity in the morning and later in the day. Many boats are gone by the time I arrive in the morning. Here are some boats and lobstermen at work pictures.

I thought these buildings in the area made interesting pictures.

Over the years I tend to go to Cape Porpoise after dinner. One night I went a bit later so I could take sunset pictures.

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